Applied Kinesiology

Restore the Triad of Health
George Goodheart DC & colleagues pioneered the use of neuro-muscular testing to evaluate body functions. He called this revolutionary method Applied Kinesiology (AK). The International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) was founded in 1975 to provide instruction to interested healthcare professionals. During the 30 years that Goodheart chaired its research committee, AK evolved into a unique holistic form of manual medicine.
AK engages the client’s own involuntary nervous system in the process of diagnosis & healing. It integrates practical knowledge from chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, functional neurology & psychophysiology. Its  central principle is to restore the triad of health –  an optimum balance of the structural, chemical & mental factors of a human being.
Typical clinical applications
AK is a healing art with sound biological foundations. Its key praxis is neuromuscular testing, through which both therapist & client receive real-time biofeedback. The  AK client actively participates in his or her own process of diagnosis & healing.  This is a unique learning experience which goes well beyond formulaic diagnostic schemes. In responsible hands,  within a framework of holistic science & psychology, AK often generates  genuine breakthroughs for those with difficult health or emotional issues.
Resolve Allergy, Toxicity & Inflammation
Allergy, toxicity & inflammation are the ‘hidden factors’ underlying many common health issues. They are fundamental causative influences in multiple kinds of inflammatory & auto-immune disease, as well as in chronic fatigue, insomnia, obesity, stress, anxiety & depression.
The classic inflammatory diseases include asthma, arthritis, eczema & migraine. In auto-immune illness, such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, long-term inflammation has developed further into self-destructive confusion of the immune system. I use AK to identify the specific nutritional, environmental & psychological influences that constitute the ecology of  these illnesses. I design personalized  anti-inflammatory programs for clients based on their individual functional neurology.
It is a fact that the various cancers have well-defined molecular genetic bases. Nevertheless, psychologically unconscious factors also undoubtedly influence our immune system in a profound manner. Here is where Neuro-Linguistics  combines powerfully with Applied Kinesiology to identify & strengthen the key elements of our mentality & self-healing capacity.
Transform Unconscious Fixed Ideas
Whether a person can overcome or reform an unhealthy way of life is governed to a large extent by unconscious fixed ideas.  These deep-seated mindsets produce splits & conflicts that have a major influence on our capacity for psychological growth & physical healing. They can be changed because, as neuroscience has now established, the brain can carry out self-directed neuroplastic change at all ages.     
Discover the Healer Within
It is possible to synchronize the conscious & unconscious mind-streams  in the service of transformation & healing. We combine the most effective features of AK, neuro-linguistics & neuro-psychology to enable people to  discover their own healer within.