John Stanley PhD

I am an Applied Kinesiologist, Hypnotherapist & NLP trainer, based in Totnes, Devon.  After a research career in molecular genetics &  evolutionary biology, I wanted to investigate the Mind-Body interactions that are largely ignored by mainstream  medicine.
I carefully explored complementary & alternative (CAM) therapies for relevance, effectiveness & reproducibility.  As a result I chose to retrain in Applied Kinesiology, Optimum Nutrition, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy & NLP.

Over two decades work on behalf of many different clients, I  have combined these 3 CAM therapies to arrive at an inter-disciplinary approach to chronic illness & psycho-somatic issues.  Applied Kinesiology amplifies the innate wisdom of the body.  It grounds us in human biology while opening up the mind to positive emotional & lifestyle change. NLP re-designs  our  language patterns & our internal dialogue in the service of growth & healing. Hypnotherapy grants  direct access to the extraordinary healing power of the unconscious mind.

Symptoms of ill health or the disempowering beliefs that often result from  medical diagnosis can be emotionally overwhelming. The recovery of health & well-being can seem scarcely possible. Many of us have had or witnessed this kind of bewilderment.  In my  personal, scientific & clinical experience, what is called for is multi-disciplinary Mind-Body Healing. It is the difference that makes the difference.
Tel: (UK) 01803 840973 / 0776 4516970
♦ Online consultations – please email beforehand for Skype consultations.